Download a 1-page printable Quarter 1 schedule here: (English / Spanish)

STUDENT schedule explanations:

  • FLEXIBLE LEARNING TIME: Use the morning time to get out of bed, check your student email and Google Classroom for all your periods, eat some breakfast, and anything else you need to prepare for the day. In the afternoon, make sure you log into your Google Classroom for each period and complete whatever assignment is posted. On Wednesdays, use this time to keep working on your assignments and projects, and/or communicate with your teachers.

  • LIVE CLASS ON ZOOM: These are live classes held on Zoom. Treat them like an in-person class - show up on time, connect with your teacher, participate, engage with your classmates. Don’t have a Zoom link? Check the Google Classroom for that class.

  • TITAN TARGET INSTRUCTION: This is for 1-on-1 or small group time with one of your teachers. Your teacher will share what is available each day, and share with you how to make an appointment. Don’t have an appointment or invitation from any teacher? Treat it like Flexible Learning Time.

  • DUAL ENROLLMENT: If you’re enrolled in a Dual Enrollment college course, it will take place from 1:30 - 2:45PM. Be sure to check your email for updates from your professor. Not enrolled in a Dual Enrollment course? Then you’re good, and there is no need to worry about this.


  • ATTENDANCE IS TAKEN EVERY SINGLE PERIOD: Although how you engage with your teacher will be different depending on the day, engaging with your teacher every single period is necessary. Here are the two ways to do it:

  • SHOW UP TO YOUR LIVE CLASS ON ZOOM: When you have a scheduled live Zoom class, show up on time and participate - this is how you will be marked present for attendance. Don’t have a Zoom link? Check the Google Classroom for that class. If you're still lost, go to the Universal Classroom for help.

  • LOG INTO YOUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM: During your scheduled Flexible Learning Time, log into your Google Classroom for that period and complete whatever assignment is posted. If you don't have a Google Classroom code for one of your classes, go to the Universal Classroom for help.

holidays + special schedules

  • TITAN-UP WEEK (OCTOBER 12 - 16): The week before the start of Quarter 2 is a Titan-Up Week, and Skyline will have a modified scheudle to support students transition from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2. Skyline will clearly and timely communicate this modified schedule in the coming weeks!

  • HOLIDAYS: Any schedule modifications that come as a result of holidays designated by OUSD will be clearly and timely communicated by Skyline.


  • CHECK YOUR OUSD STUDENT EMAIL AND GOOGLE CLASSROOM THROUGHOUT THE DAY: This is how teachers will communicate with students. Students can login into their school email here (remember that student emails looks like this:

  • CLASS SCHEDULES, GRADES, AND ATTENDANCE ARE AVAILABLE ON AERIES: Students can login into AERIES here, and families can login to AERIES here.

  • THIS WILL BE MESSY: We all are doing all we can for our students, families, and staff - thank you for your grace and patience!


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